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It is not a concert. It is not a play. It’s all that and more



It is undoubtedly the major reference of improvised musical comedy in Spain. Composed of professional actors and musicians. Our trajectory has led us to the creation of seven musical comedy shows performed in important theaters throughout Spain and countries in Europe and Latin America. One of these shows is a format for street theater that has been awarded several times as the best show and audience award in various performing arts festivals. We have been teaching for eight years in theatrical and musical improvisation schools in Madrid and giving workshops in schools all over Spain, Europe and Latin America.

In its eleven years of existence, the company has created seven shows of its own creation: “Con Mallas y a lo Loco”, “FM”, “Trovadores Urbanos”, “Con Mallas y a lo Loco” and “FM”. Urban Troubadours”, “Urban Troubadours La Última Noche”, “Al Tran Tran Show”, “Hijos de un Mono” and “Todos quieren ser THE MONGUERS”.

The Shows


The Monguers is an improvised musical comedy. Each night we will watch a different biopic about a music band that became famous in prisons around the world: The Monguers.

Approaching the documentary genre from the perspective of musical theater, we will find a thousand ways to learn about the origins, birth, growth and rise to fame of a group of habitual criminals who decide to put together a boy band in the penitentiary where they are serving their sentence.

Each night we will learn their story through suggestions from the existing audience.

Heavy doses of humor, improvised songs on the spot and moments that will leave anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear open-mouthed.

The Monguers is a hymn to life, friendship and freedom.