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Imprudentes was born from the illusion and enthusiasm of actresses Guacimara Gil and Irene Álvarez.
by theatrical improvisation.



Imprudentes was born from the illusion and enthusiasm of the actresses Guacimara Gil and Irene Álvarez for theatrical improvisation. After almost 20 years of dedication to the performing arts, they have found new ways to tell stories through such a spontaneous, free and daring tool as theatrical improvisation, hence, as brave IMPRUDENT, they throw themselves into the void to create without a previous text or script.

They have several shows: for children “The Thousand and One Adventures” and for adults “La Noche Imprudente” and “Las penas se van cantando” (over 16 years old). In all of them, the creation of scenes is worked on through improvisations that have as a rebound the titles or suggestions that the audience is asked for, prior to the beginning of the show. They offer fresh comedy, created on the spot, where the plot is built in the present moment creating unique, ephemeral and unrepeatable stories.

In addition to regular performances, they perform shows for any type of event and tailor-made workshops for young people, adults, friends, companies… etc.

They also offer regular courses in their Escuela Imprudentes Teatro; initiation to adult “Impro”, theater for children and intensive and monographic acting courses.

The Shows

The sorrows are sung

“El Error” is a particular improvised comedy starring Ana Morgade, actress and one of the best Spanish comedians, Charo Lopez Argentinean actress and comedian of great international recognition and Guacimara Gil and Irene Alvarez actresses and comedians from the Canary Islands with a great professional career. In this improvised play the four actresses will tell stories using mistakes as a basis. What has been the mistake of your life? Do you make many mistakes in your daily life? Which ones? For you, what has been the biggest political mistake in history? Do you regret anything? Does this society allow us to make mistakes?

“We have to learn from the mistakes of others. We don’t live long enough to make them all ourselves.” Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (1900-1986).