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The festival
The festival


Canarias Improvisa is a Festival of Theatrical Improvisation. A novel proposal in which the public is introduced to a style characterized by its playful and participatory nature.

The Festival’s program is made up of national and international companies with extensive professional experience and Canarian companies that are committed to the growth of IMPRO in the Islands.

IMPRO or IMPROVISACIÓN TEATRAL is the art of improvising a play on stage. IMPRO executed as a technique aims at a very clear objective: to create theater in a spontaneous way.

The success of an IMPRO show is given by the waste of ingenuity and the use of technique, which allows to discover the skills and abilities developed by the players-improvisers in creating stories, as well as its interactive character that allows the audience to be an important part of it. The level of spontaneity and reaction that IMPRO allows to play with the audience feeds the show in such a way that the audience is 100% integrated into the show.

IMPRO as a show currently has a myriad of formats ranging from “solos” to competition shows and long formats, where dramatic IMPRO is explored.

In addition, the educational offer we propose is composed of workshops of different formats so that the public can experiment and learn about this style.

Theatrical improvisation is a discipline with a unique language that is still young in the islands and therefore, is a commitment to innovation in the cultural network of the Canary Islands.

Encourage public interest in the performing arts.

The theatrical IMPRO is a language with its own identity.

Connect with other national and international companies

Offering a space for improvisation in the Islands.

Promoting the professionalism of the IMPRO sector

Competing on a level playing field with the rest of the world

Providing sanitary measures to ensure safety

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